Self-portrait with strangers

Self-portrait with strangers is the third chapter of the project With You, a photographic piece made up of self-portraits with other people.
In the first two chapters, I explored my closest ties, taking a series of photographs with my family and friends. In this third chapter, I take on the theme of the “unknown”, photographing myself with strangers. Strangers can sometimes be people who are close to me, with whom I share emotional ties but who I never got to know. The project provided this opportunity.
Every image is designed together with the person being photographed. In the initial phase of the project, the “strangers” were handed a disposable camera to photograph objects and places that were dear to them. We later looked at the images together and decided where and when to take the photo. The design phase was the key moment for connecting with these people and grasp aspects of their personality, which I strove to convey through every shot, to ensure that those who view the photos could also get know the subject a little. The project is, therefore, designed as a journey of getting to know people, the expression of which is the final photo. The series is a work in progress.